Innovative Solutions


Mehregan confidently provides the best offers for your preferred material and always strives to fulfill our costumers’ needs to your fullest satisfaction. At Mehregan, we offer product development and R&D support, material testing and replacement evaluation. Helping our clients to choose the right material for their new projects or ongoing production.

Sourcing and Financial Support

We have a long history of export and import to and from Europe and Asia. Our supplier portfolio includes the world’s leading producers from large international brands to specialty chemical companies. We maintain stock on regular items and have stable and direct supply contracts with most of our listed producers. Nonetheless we can provide you access to any other, worldwide, at your request or help you find a suitable alternative.

We offer a wide range of financial solutions including accepting local payments in rial and foreign currencies, receiving payments in different international regions and currencies. We can accept and delivery various guarantees supported by local banks.

International Logistics

Our long-standing logistical expertise enables us to deliver through multiple channels (road, rail, sea, multi-model) and we have been serving our customers for many years, including under evermore complex sanction restrictions, continuously and without interruption.